BVI | Advantages and economic substance requirements for 2024

BVI economic substance requirements

BVI economic substance requirements | Knowing the interests of our clients and friends and the importance of this topic, we bring you this webinar about the BVI jurisdiction, its advantages, and the Economic Substance Law Requirements.  As most of you are aware, the Economic Substance Act 2018 came into force in January 2019. This law […]

5 Emerging industries worth investing in

emerging industries worth investing in

We explored five of the newest technological tendencies where your money could make a great impact – both on your private economy and the world.

They have been recognized as vital for tomorrow´s development in areas such as economy, health, finance, and lifestyle, and they will probably not stay there but strive to reach higher goals in more complicated and vital areas of our society.

In 2020, the world has seen some drastic changes.

The pandemic has shown us how fragile our society is, and many old paradigms have simply given way to newer, more dynamic ideas.
Health has taken the spotlight not only as everyone’s main concern, but it has also been given the highest priority when it comes to research and development

BVI | Economic substance legislation

BVI Economic Substance Legislation

BVI economic substance legislation is the topic you should know |The British Virgin Islands (BVI) passed economic substance legislation requiring legal entities performing relevant activities to demonstrate adequate economic substance within the BVI. Owners of any company or limited partnership, the “legal entities”, incorporated or continued in the British Virgin Islands should be aware of […]

Panama | Register of beneficial owners overview

Corporations in Panama Register of beneficial owners

Panama has taken a significant step towards financial transparency by introducing a private register of beneficial owners for corporations in Panama. This move, established through Law 129 of 2020, positions Panama as a proactive player in the global effort to enhance corporate accountability. The establishment of the Registry System for Beneficial Owners of Legal Entities […]

BVI | Economic substance frequent questions (FAQ)

BVI Economic Sustance BVI Company OMC Group FAQS Image

BVI Company. BVI Economic substance frequent questions (FAQ) 1. Could my BVI company be conducting “banking business”? 1.            Is the company subject to any banking regulations or supervision anywhere? If “Yes”, your BVI company is conducting banking business. 2.            Will the company be receiving funds or deposits from the public in any manner? If “Yes”, […]

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