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5 Emerging industries worth investing in

Emerging industries | We explored five of the newest technological tendencies where your money could make a great impact – both on your private economy and the world.

They have been recognized as vital for tomorrow´s development in areas such as economy, health, finance, and lifestyle, and they will probably not stay there but strive to reach higher goals in more complicated and vital areas of our society.

In 2020, the world has seen some drastic changes.

The pandemic has shown us how fragile our society is, and many old paradigms have simply given way to newer, more dynamic ideas.

Health has taken the spotlight not only as everyone’s main concern, but it has also been given the highest priority when it comes to research and development.

So, these are the 5 Top Emerging Industries Worth Investing in:

1. Telecommunications is another sector that has been growing exponentially (emerging industries)

The need for bigger channels of information and faster ways of transmitting has moved manufacturers and service providers all over the world to create better ways of satisfying the public’s demands.

And it´s not only a public matter, but also needs health monitoring, emergency services, and even public safety companies and organizations that need a massive amount of data to be constantly sent back and forth.

All this is required in order to adapt to the world’s newer needs of faster, more precise communications to ensure everyone’s safety.

2. Technologies that change your approach to life (artificial intelligence) (emerging industries)

There is no doubt Health and Telecommunications have been working side by side since the 20s, but behind both of them is a special kind of tech – one that started as a dream in the early 70s – and is now something so ordinary that we use it every day without knowing.

We are talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI as one of the Emerging Industries.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the world.

It might sound like a Sci-Fi movie premise, but the reality is tangible.

Every smartphone user takes advantage of it, moreover, Social Media companies use it to target audiences and profile their very own users and this is no secret, as actual legislations are in motion to ensure privacy for users of web-based interactive social platforms.

But there is another side to it, one that is aiming at changing the world into a better one.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aiming to help people make smarter choices in finance.

3. Creating a more efficient world (Internet of Things “IOT”) (emerging industries)

People are their biggest obstacle.

It’s a fact. AI aims at reducing destructive business behavior and increasing data processing speed.

It also “learns and adapts” faster than a regular Joe, ignoring certain elements that affect individual judgment, like emotions and stress.

Imagine doing the same activity for months, or even years.

Tediousness takes over and you start to fail at your task.

AI takes on such activities without the emotional factor. It repeats, learns, and develops efficient ways of achieving results.

The extent of its growth could be compared to mankind´s discovery of fire.

Applications are almost infinite, as it makes way for developments in every aspect of our society that we have never imagined before.

Another area that is strongly related to Telecommunications is the Internet of Things (IoT).

 Basically, it enables a platform that connects the user with electronic appliances such as gadgets, mobile devices, automotive connective devices, home devices, and further sensors & software for remotely controlling and monitoring systems.

IoT makes it possible to control such devices via remote operation using big data.

This translates into an efficient performance and a lesser need for human interaction.

It speeds everything up and makes possible the integration of IA to create more complex environments.

According to economic projections, IoT will generate more than US$350 billion in additional revenue by 2021.

4. The next level of communications (5G technology) (emerging industries)

More data requires a bigger flow.

Another Emerging Industries is 5G Technology aims to achieve this for mobile devices.

Labeled as the fastest cellular network technology available (yet), companies are investing billions in developing products that make the best use of it.

Smart devices, vehicles, and areas such as IoT, AI, and Voice Recognition are going to be extremely benefited from their speed and bandwidth.

Integration, multi-platform, and multi-device connectivity are going to be a reality that will arrive faster than we can imagine.

Big, smart cities are already using this incredibly fast technology.

People’s lives are being positively affected by it in every aspect.

The need for more speed, integration, and newer applications makes 5G tech a true candidate for investment.

5. Voice technology (5G technology) (emerging industries)

Finally, as another emerging industry, we have Voice Technology.

Almost every smartphone and mobile device can interact with its user via voice commands.

Nowadays, complex functions like text-to-speech are not only possible as a common feature, but they also create a new dynamic for our society and they are becoming available on other devices and platforms as well.

Take video games for example.

Voice interaction with other users has given way to voice commands to increase the user’s ability to interact in a digital environment.

From simple chat to complex actions, Voice Interaction has made a deeper connection between man and machine possible.

And for those who still believe Voice Technology is some sort of a passing hype, there are a few facts that prove them wrong.

For example, 2019 was a year where smart speakers and virtual home assistant devices saw more than 7 million units shipped just in the US and worldwide figures can easily double this amount.

For next year, experts say it can easily triplicate that number, and we believe they are right.

It’s time to invest in the present. The future is now.

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