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BVI economic substance requirements

BVI | Advantages and economic substance requirements

BVI economic substance requirements | Knowing the interest of our clients and friends and the importance of this topic, we bring you this webinar about the BVI jurisdiction, its advantages, and the Economic Substance Law Requirements. 

As most of you are aware, the Economic Substance Act 2018 came into force in January 2019.

This law was introduced to address the concerns expressed by the Council of the European Union with respect to the absence of economic substance requirements for companies doing business in and through the BVI. 

It reinforces BVI’s commitment to meeting the international requirements on tax transparency. 

BVI | Advantages and economic substance requirements

We prepared this webinar for your interest and hope that it will be engaging and provides some key insight about BVI. 

What will we cover in this webinar? (BVI economic substance requirements)

In this webinar, we will talk about the BVI jurisdiction advantages as an option to incorporate your company.

We will also discuss topics such as:

  • BVI Business Companies (“BC’s”)

  • BVI Limited Partnerships (“LP’s)

  • BVI Funds

  • BVI Ship Registration

Additionally, we will present BVI Economic Substance requirements in order to keep your company in compliance with this new law. 

Here is the full recording of the webinar.

BVI economic substance requirements.

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