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Christmas with Love and Solidarity at the Children’s Hospital!

Christmas is a special time that brings not only festivity and bright lights but also the opportunity to share love and joy with those who need it most. This year, the OMC GROUP family fully immersed themselves in the Christmas spirit with a unique mission: to bring hope and happiness to the Children’s Hospital.

From Medical Ward 3 to Oncology, our employees eagerly came together to make this noble cause a reality. The response was overwhelming: toys and donations flooded the halls, lighting up the faces of brave children facing unique challenges with radiant smiles and contagious joy.

A Warm Reminder of Solidarity

During this special time, we reflect on the true meaning of solidarity and compassion. Every donation and act of love not only provided material gifts but also built bridges of human connection. At the Children’s Hospital, these actions transformed the atmosphere, creating a warm and welcoming space for those who need it most.

Special Participation: Personalized Love Boxes

Our employees were not just donors but also creators of special moments. Many dedicated time with their loved ones to personalize love boxes, decorating delivery bags, and sharing heartfelt messages. This unique gesture added a personalized touch to our Christmas initiative, bringing laughter and joy to the children.

Infinite Gratitude to Our Volunteers

In this journey of social commitment, we recognize the invaluable contribution of our volunteers. With their time and energy, they have been the driving force behind this noble cause. We deeply appreciate their dedication and commitment to social causes that truly matter.

A Continuous Journey: Gratitude and Lasting Commitment

Every member of the OMC GROUP family has contributed to making this Christmas more than just a simple celebration. It has been a reflection of love and social commitment that transcends the festivities. This activity marks the beginning of a continuous commitment to social causes that leave an indelible mark. We are determined to continue being agents of positive change in our community and the world we share.

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