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At OMC, you are our top priority. We offer comprehensive corporate solutions for those seeking efficient, effective, and streamlined corporate, administrative, and secretarial services.

With a network of wholly-owned offices in main financial centers and licenses in key jurisdictions, we provide a personalized multinational approach tailored to your specific needs.

Our expertise enables us to ensure ongoing compliance and the legal standing of our client’s entities. We diligently fulfill mandatory regulatory requirements and obligations annually, minimizing the risk of penalties, fines, or other legal consequences arising from non-compliance.

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Simplifying entity
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We simplify the creation of legal entities, such as companies, partnerships, corporations, private interests, foundations, funds and trust.

We handle entity selection, registration, and drafting of essential documents to incorporate the entity and obtain the necessary permits and licenses where applicable.

Additionally, we offer support services, including bank account opening, accounting, office space rental and management, compliance services, immigration and real estate solutions.


Efficient solutions for
responsable corporate

We provide support and assistance to our clients after successfully incorporating their companies.

As an active client, you can rely on our dedicated team to cater to your post-incorporation needs. Whether you require additional services, modifications to your existing structure, or compliance-related tasks, we can simplify the process, so you can focus on what matters most.

With an extensive network and licenses worldwide, we provide various post-incorporation services in multiple jurisdictions.

We modify clauses and specifications in a company’s Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation, ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

We modify the name or denomination of a legal entity.

We obtain tax identification numbers, which certain jurisdictions require.

We prepare Power of Attorney documents tailored to grant authority to an appointed representative for specific acts or purposes.

We obtain signature legalization and authentication based on the specific requirements of the Ministry of Government or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in multiple jurisdictions, granting international validity to official documents.

We modify a company’s Board of Directors and Officers.

We sign all documents for companies that utilize OMC’s Nominee Director Services, ensuring smooth and efficient execution of necessary paperwork.

We reserve corporate names in the Registry. By securing the desired name, clients can ensure its availability for future company formation or other business purposes.

We reactivate inactive companies, whether dormant for up to 12 months or over 12 months, due to non-payment of taxes.

We modify a company’s shareholders.

We reactivate an inactive company that has failed to pay taxes in its registered country. In some jurisdictions, court approval may be necessary after a specified period of inactivity.

We conduct comprehensive searches in the Public Registry to gather relevant information about a company. This provides insights into the company’s status, ownership details, and other general data, helping clients make informed business decisions.

We obtain documents confirming the legal entity’s compliance and tax payment status in its registered country.

We document specific resolutions or actions taken by the company.

We register the director’s information with the relevant Registry in jurisdictions where it is a mandatory inactive company that has failed to pay taxes in its registered country. In some jurisdictions, court approval may be necessary after a specified period of inactivity.

We translate various company documents into English-Spanish or vice versa.

We obtain documents showcasing the company’s structure and current status, signed by the Registered Agent of the legal entity.

We handle the formal closure of a company in its registered jurisdiction once its activities have concluded. The service includes appointing a liquidator, managing the dissolution process, and providing certificates of directors and members, among others.

We present documents to a qualified notary to verify signatures or certify them as copies of the original.

We translate OMC standard Articles of Incorporation or bylaws from Spanish to English or vice versa.

We obtain crucial documents, such as the original Certificate of Incorporation or other specific certificates issued and signed by our Resident Agent, ensuring their authenticity and verifying they are faithful replicas of the original documents.

We change a company’s registered address or domicile to a different jurisdiction that permits such modifications.

We obtain official physical copies of essential certificates, including the Certificate of Incorporation, from the Registry.

& accounting services

Fascilating operations with
top-tier administrative and
accounting support.

We provide ample alternatives for clients seeking support in managing their financial and administrative operations effectively.

Whether you require asistance with accounting and bookkeeping or need physical office space, our dedicated team ensures you comply with regulatory requirements and aids in streamlining administrative processes.

We handle bookkeeping, payroll entries, financial reports to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities in different jurisdictions.

We assist businesses in efficiently managing their executive functions, allowing them to operate smoothly, and providing support in various areas, including infrastructure setup, human resources, payroll management, bank account management, customer service, mail handling

We offer physical and virtual office solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our physical office spaces allow clients to access professional amenities such as reception services, coffee stations, internet connectivity, and well-equipped meeting rooms. We provide mailing address services, correspondence management, fax lines, and email support, all tailored to enhance your professional image.

We help record and manage financial transactions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records, including bookkeeping, account reconciliation, financial statement preparation, and annual returns according to jurisdictions.

Our dedicated team of experts will closely collaborate with you, handling all necessary documentation, monitoring regulatory changes, and keeping you informed and updated throughout the process.

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