How To Get a Golden Passport in 2024: The Top Countries That Offer Them

Golden Passport

Golden Passport may easily obtain a second passport for applicants seeking it or, at the very least, residency in another nation for them and their families. In recent years, these sorts of visas have grown in popularity, particularly those granted from the European Union countries.
A passport or residency permit comes with several other advantages, such as Schengen mobility and access to the European Union free market.

Benefits of private wealth family planning and management

Private wealth management

Private wealth management | A family business, which has multiple interests and considerable wealth, can seek the benefits of structures that allow for the administration and management of that wealth, and more importantly, allow for its succession to future generations with a family wealth planning. There are multiple tools used to manage wealth, however, the […]

Panama | New legislation on accounting records

Accounting Records Panama New Legislation

Accounting Records / Panama New Legislation. Hazel Jaramillo Head of Client Accounting Services From the moment you decide to start operating a company, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that this implies certain requirements for transparent management in front of clients, employees, strategic partners, banks, and regulators. Keeping accounting records Keeping […]

Panama | New and important legislative initiatives

Anti Money Laundering Panama took action Image of Panama City

Anti Money Laundering law is an issue addressed by Panamanian legislators who continue to face some of the most important elements in the fight against organized crime. The government is seeking to add to Panama’s already extensive legislation on Anti Money Laundering law, to further enhance the fight against organized crime.  The aim is to […]

5 Best practices to safeguard your legacy

Economic Legacy

Economic legacy | There are 5 best practices to safeguard your economic legacy that has proven to be highly effective for decades. Perhaps you think that because it is the 21st century these practices may have lost credibility, but the rules for legacy protection have been governed by the same principles since the beginning of […]

5 Emerging industries worth investing in

emerging industries worth investing in

We explored five of the newest technological tendencies where your money could make a great impact – both on your private economy and the world.

They have been recognized as vital for tomorrow´s development in areas such as economy, health, finance, and lifestyle, and they will probably not stay there but strive to reach higher goals in more complicated and vital areas of our society.

In 2020, the world has seen some drastic changes.

The pandemic has shown us how fragile our society is, and many old paradigms have simply given way to newer, more dynamic ideas.
Health has taken the spotlight not only as everyone’s main concern, but it has also been given the highest priority when it comes to research and development

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