Why Panama?… Everything you should know about residency programs

Why Panama?… Everything you should know about residency programs

Residency programs in Panama

Why Panama?

Many clients ask us why Panama and not Miami, for example?  Trying to be objective – which is not an easy task – we must say that the advantages that Panama offers are innumerable.

In addition to the beauty of our country and its people, Panama offers key advantages that make it an excellent option for many foreigners when planning their wealth, obtaining a second residence, retiring, investing and even obtaining a second passport.

Also, There are many reasons:

  • The economy is stable and dollarized
  • The government system is democratic and stable
  • Offers security and quality of life
  • Medical tourism
  • It is a gastronomic destination
  • Territorial tax regime
  • Connectivity and logistics hub
  • Infrastructure

Moreover, just as there are many advantages when considering Panama, there are different options for foreigners who are considering our country as an alternative.

Residency programs in Panama

In this webinar we review some of the programs that we consider will be of interest to both you and your clients:

  • Friendly countries
  • Retired / Pensioner
  • Own Economic Solvency
  • Due to Fixed Term Deposit
  • By reason of investment in real estate
  • By reason of Mixed Investment
  • Retired Renter or Second Passport Program

Finally, we will see a general screenshot of another topic that is of great interest to our clients: the Fiscal Residence.

Below you will find the full webinar – we are sure it will be of great interest.


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