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Safeguarding and

Preserving Your Wealth

Our Fiduciary Services provide comprehensive solutions for clients seeking to safeguard and strategically plan their wealth, while staying compliant. With a strong emphasis on secure and reliable wealth preservation, our services go beyond upholding our clients’ legacies; they also proactively mitigate potential conflicts among heirs in the future.

OMC GROUP proudly owns and operates three wholly-owned Trust Companies in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Nevis, and New Zealand. These Trust Companies serve as the platform for delivering our fiduciary services worldwide.

Trust Services
Protecting your succession
planning a secure and reliable solution for succession planning

By creating a trust, you can transfer ownership of your assets to a third party, the trustee, who will administer them for the benefit of designated individuals.

Through a comprehensive and customized private document, including a Letter of Wishes, we assist you in outlining your preferred plans for various circumstances, such as protecting trust assets, preventing disputes among heirs, and ensuring your wishes are met even after your passing.

Create a lasting
family legacy

Foundations help clients establish and manage their wealth through organized structures. It is a valuable vehicle for wealth and estate planning due to its asset protection, control, flexibility, tax advantages, philanthropic opportunities, privacy, and ability to create a lasting family legacy.

Foundations provide a valuable solution for family planning, allowing individuals and businesses to contribute assets and dictate their distribution to selected beneficiaries.

With a thorough understanding of your requirements, we craft a comprehensive document outlining the foundation’s statutes and regulations, establishing a solid legal framework for seamless operation.

Establishing a solid
legal framework

Funds are investment vehicles that offer diverse approaches to building wealth and achieving financial goals. For example, Incubator funds provide resources for growth to early-stage companies, while approved funds are regulated investment vehicles accessible to the public.

We assist in fund formation, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs, setting up the fund and establishing a solid legal framework to pursue attractive returns.

Take the first step towards building your wealth and explore the vast opportunities available with our assistance.

Estate planning
Secure your legacy

Our Estate Planning services help our clients plan and organize their assets efficiently and effectively.

Our team of experts provides a wide array of services, including establishing Foundations, Trusts, and Companies. These legal instruments serve to safeguard and enhance your wealth for future generations.

We aim to help you create a solid framework that protects your assets and ensures the smooth transfer of wealth to your loved ones.

Whether you require assistance in post-mortem asset distribution or establishing a legal framework to manage and protect assets throughout your lifetime, we provide a range of tailored options to ensure the preservation of your wealth for future generations.

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