British Virgin Islands – Unique Identification Number

British Virgin Islands – Unique Identification Number

BVI registered entities may now apply for a unique identification number from the Department of Inland Revenue, if required.

To obtain a unique identifier number:

  • a registration form must be completed and submitted along with supporting documents; and
  • a unique tax account number (T.A.N) will be placed on a tax exemption certificate, so that an application must be made for a tax exemption certificate.

No fee will be levied for the registration of the entity’s unique identifier number.  The only fee applicable would be that of the tax exemption certificate itself.

The number is not evidence of BVI tax residency as BVI does not have a concept of tax residency. The unique identifier number should therefore not be used in FATCA/CRS and WBEN-E forms as all these provide alternatives where tax identification numbers (popularly referred to as TINs) are not routinely issued or available in a particular jurisdiction. The number may be used where a unique identification number is requested by an institution for its due-diligence purposes and no other type of unique identification number (e.g. an incorporation number) is accepted.

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