Everything you need to know about … Citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis

Everything you need to know about … Citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis

Citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic many of our clients have shifted their attention to planning for the future.

Obtaining a second or third citizenship and having a Plan B has become more important than ever.

Other important considerations are safety, mobility and economic stability.

Throughout this webinar we would like to introduce you to the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship and Immigration Program.

About St. Kitts and Nevis …

St. Kitts and Nevis, officially the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, is a premium Caribbean destination that stands out for its natural beauty, history, and cultural diversity.

The main economic sectors of Nevis are tourism, real estate and financial services.

The Federation is a member of the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the British Commonwealth and CARICOM, among other international organizations.

One of the main benefits of obtaining a residency or a citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis is the easy access to other countries.

The St. Kitts and Nevis passport is ranked 26th on the list of the best passports in the world as it allows visa-free entry to more than 150 countries.

The Citizenship Program was established in 1984 and requires applicants to make a financial contribution to the country.

In return, the investor and his/her family can obtain citizenship.

Citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis

What will we cover in this webinar?

In this webinar we will share important details about St. Kitts and Nevis including the regulatory environment, process, legal requirements and benefits.

Here the full recording of the webinar.

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