Let’s Talk About… Anguilla, Bahamas, and Panama
Anguilla , Bahamas and Panama

Let’s Talk About… Anguilla, Bahamas, and Panama

Anguilla, Bahamas and Panama.

At OMC Group we specialize in corporate and fiduciary services, which include company and foundation setups, structuring of trusts, and many other services in multiple jurisdictions.

For us it is very important that our clients are well oriented in each of the jurisdictions we offer.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide you with valuable information about these jurisdictions that will allow you to select the option that suits your needs when setting up your entity. 

What will we cover in this webinar about Anguilla, Bahamas, and Panama?

In this webinar we will be covering Anguilla, Bahamas, and Panama as alternatives of jurisdictions for companies’ formation. 

We will also discuss topics such as:

  • Main characteristics of each jurisdiction
  • Legal system
  • Advantages
  • Company types that these jurisdictions offer 
  • Regulatory changes and new requirements

Here is the full recording of the webinar.

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