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Panama | Single taxpayer registry update

Updated August, 30th

Dear Client,

The Panama Tax Authority (DGI) has extended the deadline for updating all changes including new mandatory fields to the Tax Payer Identification Number (RUC) to October 31st, 2022.

Taxpayers who do not update the information by the deadline will not be able to submit the documents required to comply with their tax obligations. Failure to comply with this requirement is subject to penalties established by law.

Updates to the Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC) must be made through the E-Tax 2.0 system managed by the tax authority.
In addition, Resolution No.201-4984 of 2022 was passed to regulate the inscription process for legal entities into the Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC) Registry.
What is the Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC)?

The Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC) is a unique number created by the Panama Tax Authority to identify taxpayers. The purpose of this number is to promote greater fiscal equality and control of tax obligations acquired by individual taxpayers, legal entities, or entities of any kind that may incur in tax liabilities based on the activities they carry out.
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